JJENCO is a privately-held US corporation providing innovative products and world-class expertise primarily to multi-national corporations, US Fortune 500 companies, and large institutional clients. Our value stems from a demonstrated capacity to analyze complex problems, and to develop and implement successful solutions that are practical, timely, and cost-effective.

Using internal resources bolstered by a global network of subject-matter experts, we partner with clients to solve their most important issues, while mitigating risks to their business operations and strategic plans. Our services are designed to support, not replace, existing client resources. Our products result from recognizing opportunities to develop unique technologies that bridge the gap between client requirements and currently off-the-shelf (COTS) options.

The resulting niche markets in which JJENCO provides products and services recognize their need for performance over promises, and their desire for value above lowest cost. Contact JJENCO to learn how we can help you... today!