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EPRI BPDU Upgrade, Repair & Replacement Services

JJENCO personnel were responsible for the design and construction of EPRI's Bolted Joint Performance Demonstration Units (BPDU) from their inception in 1995.

EPRI BPDU are larger, heavier, and less fully-functional than are JJENCO FADU, and many are now over two decades old. JJENCO offers BPDU owners a cost-effective upgrade path to convert their existing BPDU to a new JJENCO FADU. However, for those who wish to continue to use their BPDU, JJENCO also provides complete repair and refurbishment services, as well as an assortment of the custom spare parts unique to the BPDU design.



EPRI BPDU Repair/Replacement


Photo Item No. Description Price
SGB-01 Strain-Gauged Bolt, Spare (ea) $695
CSGB-01 Cable, Strain-Gauged Bolting, Spare (ea) $195
BPDU Stand BPDU-01 BPDU Stand, Assembly, Refurbished. $750
BPDU-02 BPDU 8-Panel Meter Display. Custom silk-screened face, yellow case, pre-wired w/ electrical connector & control cable, 110VAC cord, and 'zero' displays button, Refurbished. $8500
BPDU-03 Datum Rod Mounting Plate (Internal), Aluminum, Refurbished, Fine bead-blasted finish. $150
BPDU-04 Digital Depth Gauge Mounting, Upper Mount, Aluminum, Refurbished, Fine bead-blasted finish. $125
BPDU-05 Digital Depth Gauge Mounting, Lower Plate, Aluminum, Refurbished, Fine bead-blasted finish. $100
BPDU-06 Strain-Gauged Bolt Head Lower Capture Plate, Carbon Steel, (Two Halves) $350
TS8-01 A193 B7 Threaded Studs for Torque-Preload Module (set of 6) $40
FSP-02 A105 Flange Simulation Plates, Carbon Steel, Refurbished. Fine bead-blasted finish. (set of 4) $75