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EPRI BPDU Upgrade, Repair & Replacement Services

JJENCO personnel were responsible for the design and construction of EPRI's Bolted Joint Performance Demonstration Units (BPDU) from their inception in 1995.

EPRI BPDU are larger, heavier, and less fully-functional than are JJENCO FADU, and many are now over two decades old. JJENCO offers BPDU owners a cost-effective upgrade path to convert their existing BPDU to a new JJENCO FADU.



EPRI BPDU Repair/Replacement

JJENCO no longer offers repair or replacement parts for the EPRI Bolted Joint Performance Demonstration Unit (BPDU). We are happy to discuss our BPDU trade-in program to assist you in cost-effectively upgrading to our modern Flange Assembly Demonstration Unit (FADU).

Since 2009, the FADU has become recognized as the global de facto standard training technology for effective instruction of bolted flange joints found in industrial pressure-boundary piping systems. The FADU is used by nearly all major gasket manufacturers and large plant operators in Refining, Chemical & Petrochemical, Power Generation, and similar industries worldwide, as well as trade schools and labor unions. Please take a few moments to review our FADU information elsewhere on our website.