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"Gilsbar recommends JJENCO to any company serious about improving their business processes... analyzed and assessed our needs with amazing accuracy... took complex work processes and simplified them though not familiar with our industry... quickly understood the big picture while assimilating the small details... kept a close eye on the return on investment and provided valuable solutions for Gilsbar."

- J. Schott, Executive Vice-President, Gilsbar, Inc.



Process Improvement

Like a well-designed mechanism, good operations processes do not simply happen. They occur as a result of thoughtful consideration and strive to represent the best compromise of simplicity, effectiveness, efficiency, and practicality (SEEP). JJENCO developed our SEEP metric for process improvement more than a quarter century ago and have since applied this metric successfully in the assessment and improvement of various business and technical processes in diverse applications across multiple industries. JJENCO has extensive experience in assessing organizational business processes. Likewise, we have demonstrated success in helping organizations define and implement improvements to these processes that have a high degree of staff acceptance, improve organizational throughput with minimum impact on the organization, and can be easily implemented within a single group or across an entire organization.