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Parts & Accessories Guarantee

JJENCO uses only the finest quality materials and workmanship in constructing our FADU. Our unique design integrates these parts into the most fully functional bolted joint assembly training fixture available anywhere.


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FADU Parts & Accessories


Photo Item No. Description Price
SGB-01 Strain-Gauged Bolt, Replacement (ea). Requires generation of an additional $135 software recalibration patch. $1210
CSGB-01 Cable, Strain-Gauged Bolting, Replacement (ea) $330
LC-01 Load Cell (w/ trade-in of old load cell, w/o trade-in). Requires additional $135 software recalibration patch. $1595/$1675
GCS-01 Gasket Compression Sensor (w/ trade-in of old sensor, w/o trade-in). Requires additional $135 software recalibration patch. $325/$380
drawlatch DL-01 Draw Latch, 304 Stainless Steel, Adjustable, Load-rated @ 800 lbs $75
(No photo) CPC-01 Compartmented Small Parts Case, Plastic, w/ cam-locks $20
BASE-EC-01 End Cap, Storage, Base Unit $145
BASE-EC-02 End Cap, Standoff, Base Unit $125
BASE-CT-01 Computer Tray, Lift-Out $195
(No photo) BASE-LRH-01 Handle, Lifting, Load-Rated, Spring-Loaded (ea) $45
NR_01 Nut Retainer, w/ Solid Bottom $125
PSC-01 Strain-Gauged Bolt Protective Shroud Cover, Anodized Aluminum, with Bolt Numbering for Standard 4"-Class 150 flange (-01) or Class 300 flange (-02) $425
cable controller CCR-01 Cable, Inner Controller Ring, PVC (See image) $5
TS4-01 A193 B7 Threaded Studs for Torque-Preload Module (set of 5) $45
FSP-01 Flange Simulation Plates (set of 4) $125
  TPT-01 Torquing Pattern Template, Cross-Pattern $45
  TPT-02 Torquing Pattern Template, Right-Hand Progression $45
  TPT-03 Torquing Pattern Template, 4-Bolt Pattern $45
  TPT-00 Torquing Pattern Template, Set of All Three $135
  1/2" Drive Torque Wrench, Digital, 20-250 ft.-lbs. Equipped to down-load individual torque values or store values in memory which can be directly down-loaded to a printer/computer or datalogger via RS232. Selectable Modes of Operation "Peak Hold" and "Track" modes of operation are standard. Eectronics are far superior to competitors in capturing real torque value in "Peak" mode . Easy Set-Up Target torque values (high and low percentage, +/- tolerances and torque engineering units) are easily programmed through the keypad and shown on the LCD. Quality Construction Proven industrial quality. Designed for continuous use. Batteries A 9V alkaline battery is standard and provides enough power for 60 hours of operation. A "LO BAT" indication on the display signals for replacement. Accuracy +/- 1% From 20-100% of scale +/- 1%, plus 5 increments, from 10 -20% of scale. Baud Rate The baud rate for downloading to a printer/computer/data logger is selectable. The factory set rate is 1200. Options are 300, 600, 1200 2400, 4800, 9600 or 19,200. Cables: P113 - 50 - TO 9 PIN PC P113-60 - TO 25 PIN PC. Audio/Visual Indicators. Wrenches are equipped with both audio and visual signals in addition to the torque information supplied on the LCD. Audio Signal: An audio signal is emitted when the minimum acceptable standard indicators of high and low preset torque value is reached or the upper torque limit is exceeded. Visual Indicators: Bright green and red LED's are standard indicators of high and low preset torque limits. Over-Load Protection: The red LED flashes, the audio buzzer sounds and "OVER" is displayed on the LCD when the torque range of the wrench is exceeded. Price Upon Request
  539-P113-50 CABLE, COMPUTORQ II TO 9-PIN PC Price Upon Request

Caliper, digital, 0-6" range, for pre-measuring gaskets. Shows your measurement on a large LCD display. Inch/Metric button lets you switch the readout between standard and metric instantly. This digital caliper allows you to "zero" the readout. In addition, the Zero/ABS button lets you display the absolute coordinate or true position from the origin point (which is usually the jaw-closed point).

You can perform four types of measurement with this caliper: outer diameter, inner diameter, depth and step. (With step measurement, the butt end of the fixed jaw is used for one end of the measurement, allowing you to measure upper/lower or inner/outer "steps" in a work piece.) The internal memory keeps your last measurement, even when the instrument is turned off. Placed for convenient thumb access, the jaw wheel lets you open and close the jaw and make fine adjustments.

This digital caliper is a lightweight instrument made with durable hardened stainless steel. Accuracy is 1/1000th of an inch (plus or minus), and the readout shows your measurements down to 0.0005" / 0.01mm increments. A convenient fitted plastic storage case is included. Battery life is 3.5 years of normal use.

Price Upon Request
Laptop Factory-reconditioned Lenovo (IBM) 15" laptop pre-installed with 64-bit operating system and FADU User Interface Software. (Exact laptop specifications will vary with availability) Price Upon Request