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Plan-Based Execution (PBE) Performance Improvement Programs:



Plan-Based Execution (PBE) Performance Improvement Programs

Not all tasks require a plan. However, planned tasks generally result in greater cost-efficiency, improved performance, and more reliable results. Plan-Based Execution (PBE) is the art and science of learning to plan and execute work tasks in the safest, most efficient, and cost-effective manner possible. PBE is applicable to both individuals and groups. The value of the methodology has been undeniably proven in space exploration, military and special operations, offshore oil & gas development, and many other critical applications. PBE nearly always results in reductions in personnel accident rates and project risk exposure, while simultaneously increasing worker productivity, task efficiency, and financial savings. Best of all, with the right assistance, PBE performance improvement programs are easy to implement with virtually no negative impact on operations.

PBE Performance Improvement Programs focus on improving six elements of an organization that should be a part of every task planning effort. These are:

JJENCO uses a proven 4-phase approach to help clients change their safety and performance culture through PBE.

During the initial Introduction phase, our proven professionals interact with client management and staff to establish rapport within the organization and begin introducing the concept of PBE to familiarize client staff.

From there, we move directly into the Assessment phase, where our experienced assessors monitor targeted client operations and begin the process of identifying both existing good work practices as well as opportunities for improvement.

Once we have developed solid professional relationships with the client organization and clearly understand both the strengths and weaknesses of your existing task performance processes and culture, our experienced mentors begin the Implementation phase where we help client personnel understand their strengths that they can use to leverage improvements in those areas where safety or performance improvement opportunities have been identified.

Finally, JJENCO recognizes that even though measurable changes in personnel safety and operational efficiency can come quickly as a result of implementing a PBE Performance Improvement Program, some level of ongoing monitoring and mentoring will be necessary to assure that those changes become permanently integrated into the client culture. This is accomplished during the Sustainment phase, where our professional staff continue to interact with and monitor client operations on a periodic basis to act as an ongoing check against performance complacency and cultural back-sliding.

To discuss how our PBE Performance Improvement Program can help your organization change its culture in a positive fashion to achieve safety and performance improvements that have otherwise proved elusive, contact JJENCO today.