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Personnel Training Programs

JJENCO has extensive experience in the development and conduct of technical training programs on a variety of topics. A hallmark of all our training curriculums is to present content that includes not just the 'What', but also the 'Why'. More than 20 years of training experience has shown conclusively that when students understand the basis of importance for key concepts (the 'Why'), they more easily assimilate, retain, and implement the 'What'.

Our programs typically incorporate a mixture of content that includes lecture/discussion, audiovisuals and animations, and classroom demonstrations, as the presentation objectives require. Where indicated, JJENCO has a proven history of developing very effective training mockups and exercises to enable students to test varying techniques and key concepts in a controlled setting in order to discover for themselves the validity of the training information.

JJENCO regularly conducts training classes in our state-of-the-art multimedia classroom, as well as onsite at client facilities. In addition to program development and training, we also offer testing & certification for selected courses, records management & administration, and 'train the trainer' opportunities.