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"I start by giving a hand wrench to an experienced flange assembler and ask them to tighten the flange in the FADU.  Now, I could debate for hours with people that are completely sure they know exactly what they are doing, or I can have them look at the FADU display and get a better education in 5 seconds with a whole lot less work." - David Reeves, Sealing & Bolting Consultant

“We think the FADU is a perfect [training] tool... Its unique graphics display relays real-time loading information in a manner that makes it easy to follow along with and then demonstrate best practices... It's literally a plug n’ play setup” - Joel Baulch, Director, Engineering & Technical Services, Teadit.

"Gasket Resources Inc. has found the FADU Bolted Joint Assembly Training to be a very useful tool... [it is] reliable and easy to assemble in the field.  We use it often to help educate professional pipefitters and GRI distribution on the proper use of torque control and procedures and the FADU easily demonstrates "why" this matters in real time using their own people. It's compelling training and makes an impact." - Gary Grubert, Vice-President, Gasket Resources, Inc.

"We use the FADU rig as an integral part of our Best Practices Training Program... When using the FADU rig, designers, engineers, specifiers, craft personnel, and purchasers of gaskets come away with a better understanding of the many variables that affect the performance of a bolted-gasketed joint, the importance of proper assembly techniques, and an appreciation of the elastic interaction of components in the joint. The FADU rig is an invaluable component of our training program." - Ed Crowley, Regional Manager (Ret.), Flexitallic.

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Flange Assembly Demonstration Unit (FADU-L) Lightweight

Since 2009, the JJENCO Flange Assembly Demonstration Unit (FADU) has become widely recognized as the global de facto standard training technology for the most effective instruction on the assembly of bolted flange joints found in industrial pressure-boundary piping systems.

The FADU is the cornerstone of related mechanical training programs for most major gasket manufacturers and vendors, large industrial plant operators, labor union training academies, and technical trade schools, in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, South America, and throughout North America.

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Additional End-User Testimonials

"The JJENCO Flange Assembly Demonstration Unit has been utilized in a number of roles in the Dow Chemical Company, including

The unit has been very reliable and the service we have gotten from JJENCO has been excellent." - Mike Tavary, Lead Reliability Manager, Dow Chemical Co. (Freeport, TX)

"The FADU at the Belle Site was well received. The mechanics at our site with 40+ years were impressed and walked away with new knowledge. The operating system is very user friendly. I was having difficulty with set up because I didn’t get to use the FADU often. When I called JJENCO for customer assistance I got to speak to John. Very personable company to deal with. Thanks for the new knowledge and understanding." - Jarod Hodge, Training Coordinator, Belle Plant, The Chemours Company

"The system is an excellent teaching aid, which allows my instructors to provide immediate graphic feedback to our students as they learn the intricacies of assembling bolted joints. This ability not only shortens the learning curve in training students to bolt assemblies, but it also increases the level of skill that our students achieve at the end of our program, ensuring that our signatory contractors, and their clients, receive greater value for their money." - Vince Kacaba, Director of Training, United Association of Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 46, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"We have used the FADU unit for several years now as an aid as part of a torqueing training program. This tool provides valuable insight on the torque process, and how small seemingly inconsequential changes can in fact have large consequences on the final bolted connection. Our technicians and field engineers are gaining critical skills and understanding through this training program which utilizes the FADU units as the foundation. Great tool and great customer support in the use of it!" - Thomas Apollonio, GE Power.

"The Flange Assembly Demonstration Unit ( FADU) is an integral part of our "Academy of Joint Integrity"  - Accredited Commercial Training Courses. Unit is ideal for onsite/ offsite training delivery, simple assembly and reliable performance. The excellent graphical  display clearly shows the elastic interaction of the components within the flanged bolted connection real time, and aids the candidate in viewing and understanding  the many variables that affect the performance of a bolted gasketed connection, especially gasket selection, tightening procedures and uncontrolled and controlled tightening methods.
As a member of ASME PCC-1 committee, the FADU rig continues to receive excellent feedback from all industry sectors who have commissioned our Academy to train there staff and contractors in improving site reliability specific to leaking flanged connections, and as part of loss of containment strategies." - Gary Milne - Academy Training Director, Flexitallic Group, United Kingdom

"The FADU has been a very useful tool in our efforts to improve bolted joint reliability.  We have utilized the FADU to enhance our training initiative as well as to experiment with different assembly practices.  The FADU provides an excellent testing platform along with an ability to communicate bolted joint assembly concepts in a very impactful way." - Chris Boenig, Reliability Engineer, Garyville Site, Marathon Petroleum Co.

"Back in 2009, I shipped our Chevron FADU to TCO in Kazakhstan and used it to supplement our gasket and bolting training program... TCO has always used spiral wound gaskets with inner rings. Using the FADU, we were able to detect the compression load where the flange raised face contacted the outer centering ring on various spiral wound gasket designs. This helped immensely on determining which gasket design to standardize on. The FADU also helped everyone see how important it is to finish star pattern tightening with a circular pattern.  The mechanics really liked the FADU and were having a great time watching their work mates tightening using a hand wrench and looking at the results up on the screen.  We then had them use a torque wrench and they realized how easily and quickly they could tighten a flange versus using hand wrenches.  The FADU was such a hit with everyone that TCO purchased their own FADU for continued training." - Bill Ross, TCO Fixed Equipment Maintenance Consultant, Chevron, Tengiz, Kazakhstan