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Equipment Deficiency Tagging System (EDTS)

Mosts manual equipment deficiency tagging systems in use today at industrial plants have several common drawbacks. They rely primarily upon unstructured written text to describe the problem. They may not capture sufficient information to enable proper evaluation of the problem without another trip to the work site. Information on the deficiency remains in the field on the tag, not with the user responsible for entering the information into the plant corrective action program database. Small, flimsy strings provided to tie tags to equipment can be difficult to manipulate while wearing gloves or other personal protective equipment. And finally, even the best deficiency tags currently available are not environmentally-resistant enough to resist cracking and fading over time.

The unique design and configuration of our EDTS tags address all of the above issues common to existing deficiency tags. We use only heavy-weight paper tags impregnated with no-carbon-required (NCR) pressure-sensitive ink that resists fading indoors over time better than conventional surface-applied inks from pens. (For outdoor applications, by-pass the NCR copy and write directly on the tag itself for maximum fade-resistance in direct sun.) Not only do our tags provide a weather-resistant self-adhesive lamination layer that the user can apply over the top of the completed tag, the back side of our tags also have the same weather-resistant laminate preapplied to virtually eliminate environmental damage to the tag. A perforated tear-off copy of the tag front can be retained by the user for use later in completing corrective action reporting away from the field, leaving the NCR copy attached to the defective system, structure or component (SSC). To assure that the information collected is clear, accurate and consistent, our ETDS tags use a predefined rapid 'check-off' system to minimize the amount of unstructured written text the user is required to hand write, and to make the system even more effective, ETDS tags are industry-specific enabling the 'right' information to be captured every time without relying upon generic tags that could just as easily apply to a sewerage treatment facility or a nucler power plant. Finally, our tags incorporate metal eyelets as attachment points and enable the use of plastic tie-wraps in lieu of strings to securely affix each tag to the SSC. The back side of each tag is preprinted with information useful to the user in making determinations related to properly hanging or removing the tag.

EDTS tags are available in lots of 1000 pieces for existing tag styles. Other tag styles are available upon request.