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Major Research Areas



Contract Technical Research

Research is more than peering through a microscope. At JJENCO, we use a range of methods that include online data mining, industry surveys, subject-matter expert consultation, various information technologies, as well as direct laboratory experimentation to reveal new insights that enable us to synthesize new levels of understanding. JJENCO has more than 20 years of experience in successfully organizing, conducting, managing, and documenting industry-level technical research projects on a variety technical topics.

Our experience ranges from simple, single-stage projects for a single client, to complex, multi-year, phased collaborative research efforts serving multiple stakeholders. Client-required documentation may be as simple as a short letter report or as comprehensive as a fully indexed and referenced, peer-reviewed research report for industry publication. No matter the project scope or requirements, JJENCO has the demonstrated experience to organize and manage the full project scope, including organization of follow-on implemenation activities such as workshops, technical conferences, or pilot demonstration programs.