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LEAKTAG for Nuclear Power Generation

LEAKTAG for Nuclear Power Generation applications incorporates the same super-functional design that make all of our equipment deficiency tags unique among manual paper tagging systems. LEAKTAG (Nuclear) is designed to accommodate all commercial nuclear power steam supply system (NSSS) plants, with special accommodation for pressurized-water reactor (PWR) plants that may be required to monitor boric acid leakage events under a Boric Acid Corrosion Control Program.

The front side of each LEAKTAG (Nuclear) provides a unique 7-digit number and captures information pertaining to identified process system leaks that include: tag installation date, component ID, location of leak (on component), fluid type, and affected seal type. LEAKTAG also indicates whether some form of leakage catch containment is needed or is installed; if a boric acid leak, whether it is wet or dry; and, the rate of leakage using industry-standard assessment criteria for leakage severity. It also provides a space for the name/ID of the tag installer, as well as a space to record any plant-specific numbering associated with corrective action reporting.

The rear side of the LEAKTAG (Nuclear) provides the user with information on how to assess the severity of leakage according to industry-standard criteria for quantifying leakage rates for various common fluid types, as well as instructions for removing the tag.